Crime Thoeries Essay

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Crime Theories Kristyn Irene Hope Seiler Information Technology in Criminal Justice – CIS170 Strayer University Professor Carmen J. Flores November 5, 2012 There are many different theories when it comes to digital crime. Some of the theories are the choice theory, the deterrence theory, the psychological theory, the strain theory and the routine activities theory. In this paper I will discuss the one theory to be the cause of digital crime, why the theory chosen could be recognized as the most relevant in terms of being the cause of digital crime and two examples of non-digital crime that could be considered caused by this theory. The one theory that I believe that caused digital crime is the routine activities…show more content…
The study also showed that the more time in online chat rooms increases the risk of online harassment .The more you are on the internet the more susceptible you are to a crime committed under the rational activities theory. You don’t only need to be in chat rooms to be susceptible to online harassment; the only thing that you need to do is be online and able to let the criminals know that you are out there not paying attention to what information they are actually giving out over the internet. The second example was a test of malicious software infection found that spending more time online shopping, e-mailing, and chatting did not affect the likelihood of receiving a virus or worm. Most of the virus and worm are sent to you in a package that you will want to open and then the virus or worm is on your computer. Throughout the test they found that they needed to do more research before they find the answers that they are looking for throughout the test. There are a lot of ways that you can get a virus or worm but a way that you can avoid getting them is not opening an e-mail that you don’t know who it is from and only using websites that are trusted and are secure. In conclusion are five different theories that are all really important and have different places in the criminal justice system. There is one that is the most common in digital crime and that is rational activities
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