Crime Trends And The Consumption Of Crime

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In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of crime‐related commodities such as security alarms, crime related television programs, and general merchandise. This essay will explore the commodification of crime by critically examining rising crime rates, increasing sales of crime‐associated and targeted products during the period when crime increases only slightly are explained as capitalism 's ability to form commodities from both social problems and deviance. Using secondary data, this essay will describe these crime trends and the consumption of crime commodities . Although the media quite clearly contribute to increasing concerns about victimization while crime was stable, the process of commodity exchange for crime goods is far from simply a media‐induced phenomenon . This essay uses a critical approach to analyse these conflicting developments and will attempt to show the commodification of crime is exploited by capitalism with particular focus on the commodification of sex crimes. Commodification refers to the transformation of relationships into commercial relationships, relationships of buying and selling. Commodification expresses a concept that is central to Marx’s understanding of how capitalism develops. Marx defines commodification as “an extension of the market into spheres of life previously not organized by market relations” .Research shows the mass media; the music industry and many retailers generate huge profits from the
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