Essay on Crime Typologies

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The objective of this paper is to recognize the different types of Crime Typologies such as violent crime, property crime, enterprise crime, and public order crime. It examines each crime by giving the definitive analysis of the crimes as well as the many examples that fall under the specific crimes. This paper aims to answer some of the questions most criminologists face as well as our society as a whole. Questions such as, how often are these crimes committed? What possesses individuals to commit these crimes? How does society actually view these crimes? Have these crimes become so imbedded in our society that we are starting to consider this part of the normal way of life? Included in this
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Although most of violence in the media focuses on violence by strangers, it is reported that most violent crimes are perpetrated on family members or acquaintances (Gale, 2001). The Rational Choice Theory assumes that criminals use a number of different factors and a thorough thought process before choosing to commit a crime. These factors include the risk of being caught, the consequences of the crime committed (i.e. jail time, death, familial consequences, etc), personal factors (need, thrill, etc), and situation factors (police force efficiency and presence, guard systems in place, etc) (Siegel, 2006). Through weighing each of these, the individual decides whether or not to commit the crime, where to commit the crime, and who to victimize. While some people do collect weapons, most people who both purchase and carry their weapons are ready to use them. Those living in bad neighborhoods may carry a gun or knife for protection, while others may draw motivation from fear of retaliation, prosecution, or even from the thrill of inflicting pain and death upon another individual. Addiction is often the reason for drug use. This can start through a very rational decision to try or start using drugs. The daily habits of drug users and dealers may take extensive pains to hide their use, purchase in secret, and choice a dealer or buyer that is not going to betray them. These are clearly rational choices on the part of drug dealers and sellers.