Crime after Crime: A Documentary

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In the documentary Crime After Crime, Deborah Peagler suffered abuse from her intimate partner through her life. The abuse started in High School. When her mother introduced her to Oliver Wilson, his charming personality fooled everyone. Oliver forced her into prostitution to make money for him. When she refused, he beat her until she promised to sell herself. The beating gradationally evolved to bull whipping. In addition, all of this occurred during her junior and senior year in high school. Oliver felt it was his right to have ultimate control over Deborah, this fact is generally accepted in the society (Belknap 247). The male dominance, male authority over women is something taught to young children. It is sought to be the place of…show more content…
The myth of battered women syndrome claimed that these women have the ability to leave whenever they wish, and could have avoided the situation. Therefore, it is the women’s fault for killing their intimate other. The abuse prior has nothing to do with it (Herrera 2013). The prosecutors also hid the fact they used a paid informant and he was a drug customer of Oliver. There were so much resistance from DA and parole board because they are trying to hide the misconducts of the investigation. The prosecutors at the time coerced the main witness to testify and lie against Deborah. Lael Rubin in the appeal court revealed this case; she was angered by Deborah’s new attorneys for going over her head. She was the lead prosecutor she the McMartin preschool embarrassment. In which she relied on imaginary evidence then, and did it again to Deborah (Potash 2011). It is amazing that Lael Rubin still had a job after the McMartin trial. It was the most expensive trial to date; it ended with zero legitimate arrests, scarred the lives of hundreds of children, ruined many lives, added fuel to child abuse, and caused many more false child abuse cases in the future. The blunders of the justice department paved the way for a minority female candidate to be elected for the first time. Therefore, some good came out of it. Last week’s lecture on prison reform, it all came down to police investigation and
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