Crime and Deviance

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Evaluate Marxist explanations of Crime and Deviance Labelling theory paved the way in understanding how deviance was something defined by social processes. In this way social agencies such as the police defined what was deviant. Marxists took this view even further by examining the power of certain social groups to define deviance and create the laws which secured social conformity. Marxists see crime and deviance as not coming from moral or biological defects but defects within social order. Crime is an inevitable part of capitalism as it stems from social inequalities. Working-class crime is caused by labour exploitation and material misery. Therefore theft is an expression of that exploitation and is a political act of the proletariat…show more content…
Marxists believe that the law is selective. Tax evasion is rarely prosecuted but social security fraud always is and the people who tend to commit social security fraud are those within the working class. Croal defined white collar crime as crime committed in the course of legitimate employment an abuse of one’s occupational role. White collar crime is not seen as a problem because its not feared by the general public, offenses are often invisible, indifferent effects , morally ambiguous, difficult to see where the blame lies and complex not fully understood. Marxist theories have been accused of being over reliant on class division to explain offending behaviour. A good example of this is when crime is done for the improvement of society e.g. Martin Luther King although there were clear differences in class between black people in America even the wealthiest of black people were not permitted to buy housing worth a certain price so despite their wealth they were restricted to certain luxuries that were not equivalent to their white counterparts. Marxist theories do not explain why most people in most classes do not offend. For example the hidden figure of crime is not explored as much as it could be displaying that the middle class and ruling class do commit crime but this is often not reported within the crime statistics as the crimes in the statistics are things such as anti social behaviour which is often on many occasions associated with the working

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