Crime and Its Effects

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Analyse the effects of crime on communities and individuals (M2) How Anti-Social behaviour effect the public? The anti-social behaviour impacts negatively on all people, young, and old in all communities. It reduces the quality of life for all residents. For example, a rowdy family can have a big impact on the nearby community and can ruin people's lives because of their intimidation, harassment or criminal damage. Graffiti and fly tipping doesn't look good and has a huge impact on our communities and how happy we are in them not to mention the costs of cleaning up. What does Violence against the Person includes? * Actual Bodily Harm * Assault on a constable and Resisting Arrest * Common assault * Grievous Bodily…show more content…
Further, fear of crime has been shown to be highest in the more vulnerable members of our society, such as the elderly, who, incidentally, may well also be at least risk of actual crime. What is the impact of crime on victims? The effects of crime on victim can have a mixed feeling about making a victim impact statement. They may want to tell the judge or parole hearing officer how the crime affected their life and yet they may be anxious because you don't know how to prepare an impact statement or you don't want to bring back bad memories by describing how the crime has hurt you. The victim impact statements may include descriptions of: * Physical damage caused by the crime * Emotional damage caused by the crime * Financial costs to the victim from the crime * Medical or psychological treatments required by the victim or his or her family * The need for restitution * The victim's views on the crime or the offender * The victim's views on an appropriate sentence What is the impact of crime on lifestyle? The impact of crime on lifestyle can be where a community that is being affected by high crime rates means that those professionals who are in the higher income brackets will leave. This is because the high crime rate is bringing more criminals to the area, causing these professionals to find communities where they will feel safer. As crime levels increase many retail businesses within the community will simply close and relocated
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