Crime and Poverty

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criminal justice paper on crime and poverty Crime and Poverty Many factors can be viewed as reasons for crime. The amount of morality needed in order to rise against the temptation to commit crime can be difficult. It is even harder when you are coming from a place where crime is considered to be a normal part of society and looked at as a way of daily living that is supposed to be incorporated into daily lifestyles. The question can be posed. What is the main cause of crime in areas where poverty is everywhere? True, this is not an easy question to answer considering that crime happens for many different reasons and sometimes location is not the problem. Crime has been around since man and there is no…show more content…
Places where people are crowded together in unpleasant living conditions. With these types of living conditions people often become products of their environments. If someone is raised around violence, stealing and other types of crime unless a stroke of luck comes there way and they are afforded an opportunity to escape the lifestyle, it is more than likely exactly how they will live their lives. These areas can be broken down into categories such as class, income, and race. In today’s society, where it is getting harder and harder for individuals to find jobs, or at least jobs that provide them with the economic means to support themselves or their families resorting to crime for easy money usually is seen as the best option. There is no stability in areas like these. High school dropout rates are high, drug activity is high, and gang activity is rising. It is getting harder to maintain order in these communities. It is not uncommon for individuals living in poverty to have low education rates, so finding a job that pays high enough wages to support a healthy living lifestyle can be difficult. So who are the individuals committing these crimes? They are the men and women of these communities. They are the teens who have become products of their environments, and parents who are either doing what is necessary for their family or who have

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