Essay on Crime and Process Model

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CJ 2400
Adjudication Process

Lesson Four

Chapter 5

1. Read Chapter 120 - 145.

i. Answer question 4 in Critical Thinking Questions on page 145. Answer may vary. Sample answer provided below.

“In Barker v. Wingo, the Court stressed the legitimate reasons for the 16 trial continuances. But is there a danger that prosecutors might illegitimately seek continuances?”
Answer: No, I don’t believe there is a danger that prosecutors may illegitimately seek continuances, because yes there is always a grave chance that both the prosecutors and defense attorneys will try to exploit or override the system to their party’s advantage. With this in mind it is required that anyone seeking a
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Court reform has become a big issue in today’s line of justice because in the criminal courts, defendants accused of crimes but not yet found guilty of anything languish in jails awaiting the lengthy processes of trial while victims of crimes feel deprived of anything approaching equal access to the scope of rights afforded to those accused of crimes. In civil courts, there are allegations that many litigants file frivolous lawsuits, playing "liability lottery" in hopes of hitting a jackpot whether their claim has merit or not with a resulting outcry from some quarters demanding "tort reform" by those who would set up barriers to litigation

iii. Read “Is Gender Bias a Significant Problem in the Courts?” on pages 135-136, and answer the four (4) questions provided toward the end of the article (next to last paragraph). Answers may vary.

“What do you think? Is gender bias a serious problem in the nation’s courthouses?
Answer: Yes, I do believe that gender bias is a problem in our nation’s courthouses because as a member of the army I know firsthand what it is and how it belittles the weaker sex. Society cannot actually handle true equal treatment without the natural drive to want to protect the weaker sex.From my research it is proven that 98 percent of most men admit that they feel a drive to protect woman, even if it is not asked of them. I’m sure this is taken into