Crime and Unemployment

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Crime and Unemployment
A Study of Social and Economic Factors that Influence the rise and fall of Criminal Behavior in the United States.

Elizabeth Bruce
Natasha Espinosa
Derrick Phillips

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Crime and its causes, have been studied the world over. In particular, there have been noted studies on the cost and benefit of crime, state of the economy and crime, and unemployment and wages and crime (Jones and Kutan). Some researchers have found relationships between unemployment and crime, while others have not. However, a more controversial issue is the explicit
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The overall decline in the labor market prospects of less educated men is clearly shown by their wages. The data plainly shows that the propensity to commit crime moved inversely to the trends in the labor market conditions for unskilled men. These trends seems to be related, particularly since young unskilled men are the most likely to commit crime.
The objective of this paper is to visit the issue of whether unemployment, graduation rate, divorce rate, poverty rate, population, and median income have causal effects on various categories of economic and anti-social crime. For this purpose, we analyze crime data from 44 US States and the District of Columbia. We estimate the relationship between several crime categories and the independent variables. The most important independent variables are: median income, unemployment rate, divorce rate, poverty rate, population, and graduation rate. The study of how graduation rate is related to crime is interesting because it could also be a factor in unemployment and median income. This could be due to fewer job opportunities as most skilled trades require at least a diploma. Unskilled laborers also tend to make less money and are more expendable and easily replaced. Similarly, unemployment could be a factor in poverty, while graduation and poverty could have a mutual influence on each other. Therefore, it is important
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