Crime and Victimization

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Introduction to Criminal Justice

Crime is an unfortunate part of many people’s lives - both for the victim of the crime and also the suspect. There are many theories as to why crimes happen, who commits the crimes, and why crimes happen to certain people. Not all crimes can be solved, or questions answered but these theories give a peek into the thinking or background behind some crimes that are committed. Social process theory believes that individuals are socially conditioned into or against crime (Siegel, “Social Process Theory”). Negative family relationships, limited education or association with others who have little or not respect for the
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One recent crime would be three murders in Cleveland, Ohio by a convicted sex offender (Associated Press). In this case, because of the number of victims and the possibility of additional victims, both the local Cleveland Police Department and the FBI are involved in this case. Cleveland PD is involved, because the crimes happened in their jurisdiction. The FBI is involved in this case as well, because they are dealing with a serial killer and there are potentially additional victims that have not yet been discovered. In a case like this, the various organizations/agencies work together to try to solve the crime and gather evidence. Just by reading your local newspaper, you will find that a number of crimes happen in your own community. Recently, in a local community in Virginia a 25-year-old man was charged with murder and robbery, when he shot a 55-year-old man who was out walking his dog around 9:40 PM. Police report that the victim was approached by the suspect, shot the victim and robbed him and then fled the scene. Police were given the description of the man they saw fleeing the scene. It was also reported that the gun used in this crime was stolen from a car in a local neighborhood (Aric Alexander Smith). Not all crimes are preventable; sometimes criminals are determined to commit a crime for one reason or another. In this case, it may not have
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