Crime in Prison Essay

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Crimes in prison have been a part of our prisons since prisons themselves have been developed. It is almost certain that the criminals who end up in an institution in the first place will commit crimes while incarcerated. Prisons have come a long way over the years and with trial and error they have discovered many effective ways to help drop crime rates. Mail is monitored and read on occasion and is a privilege for inmates that can be taken away. Though many of the new policies and procedures have been effective, it is the well- trained staff that keeps crimes down. Crimes in our prisons have been declining, having the proper staffing in these institution’s plays a crucial part in keeping crimes down.

By providing the officers
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When issues like these occur the receiving inmate will be placed on a list known as the “hot list.” When an offenders name is on the hot list, their incoming and outgoing mail is completely monitored. Depending on the extent of the issue that inmate can be stripped search immediately and sent to either the medical or segregation unit. If they are taken to medical department there may be a suspicion that they are trying to or have successfully brought drugs into the facility and are now under strict supervision until the drugs are revealed. Visitor’s that try to bring these drugs into a facility are normally arrested immediately and booked in for their crime. (, 1995)

Gang initiated attacks are also common out on the prison yards and other common areas. Each gang has leaders who determine the crime that is going to be committed. Lower members of the gangs are then expected to carry out these orders or pay substantial consequences. In San Francisco, gang members of one of the largest prisons systems are pleading guilty to different crimes across northern California. These gang members have pleaded guilty to drug dealing, extortion and murder and already serving life sentences for prior crimes. (Michael Montgomery,
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