Crime in Urban Areas

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Many factors generate crime. That ‘inner morality’ necessary to resist the temptation to rape, rob, or kill weakens in an environment of broken homes, systemic poverty, ethical relativism, religious decline. Poverty ’causes’ crime in general in the same way that pornography causes sex crimes and television violence causes violence by children: it is a predispositive condition. If the family life could be strengthened, raise the living standard, instill character values this could have an impact on lowering the crime rate.
In my research on crime in urban areas versus crime in the suburban areas; I predict that people who live in urban areas will have a much higher crime rate than those living in suburban areas.
Poverty is crime's chief
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Many times individuals act in a desperate manner when they view their situation as being desperate. People living at or below poverty level feel that their chances of getting jobs and pulling themselves out of poverty has a minimal rate of success. Often times these people have less than a high school education, and this means that the only kind of job, if any, that can be secured is entry level. When the economic situation is not good, even this kind of job is hard to find.
According to the FBI's final crime statistics for 2006, see chart below, violent crime is up for the second consecutive year, the first time that's happened in over 10 years. Until 2005, violent crime had steadily dropped over 15 years. The new rise in violence is gradual, not a tidal wave. However, it is still sobering for law enforcement agencies that now realize they have been overconfident.

In an article in the Detroit News, Sunday, August 15, 2004 it stated that from January 2004 to August 2004 there were more than 800 people that were shot in Detroit a 70 percent jump in gun violence that experts and police blame on a variety of factors, from upheaval and scarce resources in the police department to high unemployment rates among young males and a hip-hop culture that condones gunfire to solve disputes.
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report “National Crime Victimization Survey” (October 2000), it was reported that in 1998 urban residents experienced overall
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