Crime in Victorian London

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Nineteenth century London is famous for being the birth place of the Industrial Revolution. But that is not all the victorians are famous for, they are also known for their high crime rate and being the home of multiple notorious serial killers, like Jack the Ripper. London was also overpopulated which some think might be the cause of the high crime rate. Though Urbanization did have an affect on crime,an incompetent police force and a media that glamorized crime also contributed to the high crime rate. Before the industrial revolution, most of Britain's population lived and worked on farms, but skilled laborers and artisans were an important part of Britain's economy (Martello). The country was especially wealthy because of their…show more content…
Pretty much where ever you are you really aren't all that safe. When you're at home, groups of thieves could rob a person and then kill them. On a crowded street, someone could bump into someone and just so happen to walk away with their wallet. And if someone were walking around in some secluded area, they could easily get attacked, robbed, and killed. The problem remains, the police were rarely ever any help in the matter. Sometimes because they were too drunk to notice, and sometimes the thieves would throw the cops off their scent by actually throwing acid on them (Banerjee). Another crime rarely ever reported was child murder. The Central Middlesex Coroner reported that at least 800 children had been killed in that area in just a year. He thought that the number was so high because those killing the children weren't apprehended, so no one would stop. Most of these murders were committed by the children’s parents and usually out of need. At the time, having a child could actually ruin lives, especially if they already had children. Another mouth to feed was not what these families needed. There were no safe or legal abortion methods at the time so the parents saw no other way out. Most of the children were killed in infancy. In a lot of cases if they lived passed infancy they were sent to the workhouse because it was either that or
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