Crime of Compassion

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A Crime of Compassion or Just a Crime?

In “A Crime of Compassions” Barbara Huttman (writer) told the audience in the Phil Donahue show and every person that read A Crime of Compassion about Mac and the way Mac suffered from lung cancer. “Mac was a young, witty, macho cop who walked into the hospital with 32 pounds of attack equipment, looking as if he could of single-handedly protect the whole city, if not the entire state” (par 4). By the vivid description and effects Barbara Huttman gives her audience of Mac makes you wonder if she is trying to manipulate the audience.
Barbara states that Mac was her favorite cancer patient but why? Is it to make her sound more honest to the crime she committed, or is it the truth in itself? In A
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Why does she say “us” instead of “I” or “Mac and I”. She mentions about God also trying to put us in the “What Would God Do” state of mind.
When the time came to let Mac die she held his hand to only comfort him, and when he finally passed on she waited a little longer to make sure he couldn’t be revived and then pushed the button, why did she push the button if she already knew he was dead? Was it because she didn’t want to seem like she actually was guilty for allowing Mac to die. Maybe she did it to say “I tried, I pushed the button to get him resuscitated”.
In the last paragraph she say’s “Perhaps I am guilty” and then changes the rest of the sentence to the doctor writing a no code. She then goes on to say “We will all of us risk the same fate as Mac. For whatever reason we developed the means to prolong life, and now we are forced to use it, we do not have the right to die.”
Why does she end it with “We do not have the right to die” but she allowed Mac to die, and this was story was about her and Mac, but she made it seem like it was her, Mac and the world involved in his death.
Barbara tries to show her innocence by the title “A Crime of Compassion” and that it was out of Compassion for the crime she did. We as the audience can’t prove any of the compassion she said she had towards Mac there aren’t any facts, we can only count what she wanted us to
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