Crime of Fashion: Counterfeiting Goods in the Fashion Industry

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There is a saying: “Monkey see, Monkey do.” In today’s world, it seems that it’s only natural for humans to imitate what they see works in society. Though there are beneficial facets for imitating, there are also damaging consequences. Counterfeit is a strong word that describes companies that forge bills or create fake fashion goods, electronic items, and even pharmaceuticals. For the purpose of this research, the focus will be on the different aspects of counterfeiting goods in the fashion industry. Though fashion has continuously changed, been reinvented and some even being dubbed ‘classics’, one thing will always remain: a designer’s ability to express creativity. Fashion is mainly dictated by trends whether they are past, present, or…show more content…
Even with the rise in awareness, should there be a stronger bind to prevent counterfeits or should counterfeiting be ignored? The issue with consumers who are clueless to distinguish a genuine item to a fake is a harsh reality. The research will consist of statistics and more in-depth details relating to the dangerous activities involving the production and distribution of counterfeit goods.
This crime in the fashion industry can get confused with the term ‘designer-inspired’. While counterfeiting claims to have been created by a luxury brand, designer inspired items are influenced by luxury brands and only use aesthetics of brands in their own specific interpretation. Below are examples of the designer inspired bags sourced from when the respective descriptions are searched. Many will first notice the handbags closely resemble the luxury brands. However, they are designer inspired because they use the brands as inspiration but don’t use the brands’ logos.
The act of mimicking a high-end product leads to lower employments by a company. Also, when a product is so high in demand, it will be quick to lose its place on the trend radar because knockoffs are ready to circulate, using parsimonious shoppers as hosts. Studies have also shown that by funding counterfeit distributors through purchasing their goods, consumers are also funding for crimes
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