Crimes Against Children

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Crimes against Children, the Effects & Techniques for Successful Outcomes ABSTRACT Child abuse clearly has a negative impact on children and can result in behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and developmental difficulties. This may lead to greater difficulties later in life that will extend into adulthood. The use of proper investigation techniques and appropriate handling of cases, however, can result in less traumatization for child abuse victims. I. Introduction According to Hess & Orthmann (2010), law enforcement agencies are charged with investigating all crimes, but the responsibility is greater when children are involved. Because children are more…show more content…
More than three-quarters of the children who died because of child abuse were younger than four years old. However, some experts believe that child fatalities may be underreported by 50 to 60 percent (Hess et al, 2010). The effects of child abuse are upsetting, disheartening and potentially very dangerous. Child abuse and neglect result in serious as well as permanent physical, mental and emotional damage. Unfortunately, the effects of child abuse may lead some victims to behave in future criminal behavior (Hess et al, 2010). Emotional damage from the effects of child abuse is disturbing. It may cause the victim to have an increased level of aggression along with self-destructive tendencies. Antisocial behavior can put not only the family in harm’s way, but also the community (Hess et al, 2010). Antisocial behaviors along with physical aggression are two of the most constant outcomes of physical abuse. Fear and anger are also incorporated with abused children. Some studies have suggested that childhood abuse and neglect will reduce cognitive skills and can lead to attention deficit disorders. In addition to deficit disorders, neglected and physically abused children do not do well in school. These children tend to produce low grades, lower standardized tests scores and much retention in the same grade, but neglected children are far worse off than those who are physically
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