Crimes Committed by Women

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Many different studies and books have been written about female offenders and circumstances that lead them to commit a crime. Belknap (2007) examines different theories and studies to determine the reason why a woman crosses the border of the law. There are a many different types of crimes that could be committed by women, such as property crimes and prostitution, but the most risky ones are drug related. Poverty, psychological problems, self- doubts and drug abuse lead women to become offenders.
One of the most frequent types of female offenses is associated with drugs. Girls often get acquainted with drugs as adolescents and become addicted and later because of their delinquent behavior associated with addiction, they violate the law. For example, women are more easily drawn into alcoholism and drug addiction. Because of addiction, some women cease to value their family, work and begin an antisocial lifestyle. They are engaged in illegal acts for profit. Bush-Buskette (1999) made the observation “Poor woman who use street level drug experience additional societal stigma because they do not have the protective societal buffer enjoyed by woman who are insulated by their families, friends, and economic status”(p 216-217). The Differential Association Theory could be connected to an explanation of early drug addiction and the criminal…
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