Crimes Involving The Use Of Firearms

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Crimes involving the use of firearms consist of around 0.4 percent of all documented offences in England and Wales, doubling since the mid to late 1990’s (Povey and Kaiza 2006). This is due to the ever more restrictive legislation and public policy responses. A small number of high profile firearm homicides have significantly increased the public’s apprehensions about the problem of illegal firearms. Police, politicians and media reports have illustrated the emergence of a criminal ‘gun culture’, predominantly in the inner city areas of England (Bennett and Holloway 2004). Comparatively little is known on the other hand, regarding criminal attitudes towards and within the market in illegal firearms therefore limiting the progression of policy, policing practice and an understanding of the impact of firearms legislation (Bryan 2001).
Gun Crime is a general term used when including all circumstances, when firearms including shotguns, air guns and imitation firearms are illegally utilised (HMIC 2004). This is inclusive of all illegal possession offences whilst no other crime has been committed. The presence or absence of a gun does not impinge on the likelihood that crime will be committed (NCIS 2003). Criminals will be able to use other weapons as opposed to firearms in order to commit crime and accomplish their negative intention, as the missing presence of firearms does not mean that crimes involving guns are easily avoided (Hoskin 2011). Gun control and ownership does not…
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