Crimes Now A Days Just Get Swept Under The Rug

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Eddie Aspuru Professor Gamez CJE 2600 12 May 2015 Most crimes now-a-days just get swept under the rug. Unless there is public outcry or the media decides that it can benefit their company. Then there is Orenthal James Simpson aka “O.J. Simpson”. Former 1968 Heisman trophy winner, and 1985 NFL Hall of Famer inductee. All those accolades didn’t do anything to help him on June 12, 1994 when Simpson’s wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found murdered at the Simpson household in Brentwood, California. O.J. was charged with both their deaths, he later would be acquitted of all charges. His lawyer was Robert Kardashian the father of Kim Kardashian. O.J. Simpson’s life began on…show more content…
Where did this happen? At the condo of O.J.’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Who did it? Her ex-husband O.J. Simpson was accused of criminal homicide or capital murder. What happened? Nicole Brown Simpson and her co-worker Ronald Goldman. Investigators don’t know you could say it was out anger, or hate for Nicole divorcing O.J. Just a few minutes after midnight on June 12, 1994. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found brutally murdered in front of Nicole’s condo in Brentwood, California. The scene is extremely gruesome and from pictures that are shown was a crime completely out of rage no if and or buts about it. Here is a very in-depth timeline of the events leading up to the murder being discovered. Nicole Brown Simpson along with friends and family go out to dinner at a restaurant named Mezzaluna around six thirty pm. They finish their meal at 8 pm. Nicole’s mother leaves her glasses at the restaurant and Mr. Goldman offers to go pick them up. Sometime between nine and nine thirty pm O.J. and Brian Kaelin a friend staying at his guest house go to eat dinner at Mc Donald’s. They eat rather quickly and are back at the Simpson Residence at nine forty-five pm. Sometime between finishing dinner with Simpson and returning the glasses Nicole wanted back; Goldman arrives at her apartment. The police recreated the night of the crime and believe that Goldman arrived after, or during the killing of Nicole; obviously he was shortly killed after by

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