Crimes Of Privilege: White Collar Crimes And The One Percent.

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Crimes of Privilege: White Collar Crimes and the One Percent White collar crime has been recognized as something that is an issue since 1939 when it was brought up in a political meeting by Edwin Sutherland. Sutherland was interested in the fact that people of the working class were not being noticed for the crimes that some of them are involved in. The concern was that the criminal activity that was being addressed during this time were predominantly trivial crimes. While they were getting all the attention while corporate criminals were going virtually undetected. The definition Sutherland attached to these criminals was centered on the varieties of crimes that they committed. White Collar crime is defined as a criminal act perpetrated…show more content…
This doesn’t include much information other than simplistic data (Barnett 1-3). Long ago a President of the United States addressed the public with a warning about White Collar crime of the future. He quantified that there were people in charge of professional industries that were extremely shrewd. The warning came next which consisted of being aware that the men in these authoritative positions would have the ability to make decisions that were immoral and thoughtless. With this warning, there were some words of advice that the President would suggest, that could combat the issues people could possibly face because of White Collar crime. The suggestion was that people should remain aware that there is an issue afoot. Also, that he would appoint people that would make sure that these crimes would not go unnoticed. It is thought that the FBI was created as a direct result of the President’s fear that men with positions of power and the right amount of money would become corrupt. White Collar crime has been a top priority to the FBI since the first time it was recognized. More recently, terrorism has taken over the precedence of the importance at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This does not mean that the original tasks like investigating White Collar crime are going unnoticed, but the FBI does have a lot on their list of things to do

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