Crimes That Relate to Chemical Addiction.

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I have been asked to explain the different types of crimes that relate to chemical addiction. When talking about crime, we must have an understanding what the word crime actually means. Crime is a harmful act that is committed to one or more individuals. To be classified as a crime, the act of doing something bad (actus reus) must be usually accompanied by the intention to do something bad (mens read), with certain exceptions (strict liability). For example, if you go to someone and beat him or her up, you intended to do physical harm, and therefore you have committed an assault. One of the crimes that relate to chemical addiction is sexual assault. Many people feel that sexual assaults only happen to women, but actually, it happens to …show more content…

The UCR program further specifies that this type of assault be usually accompanied by the use of a weapon or by other means likely to produce death or great bodily harm. Attempted aggravated assault that involves the display or threat to use a gun, knife or other weapon is included in this crime category because serious personal injury would likely

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