Essay on Crimes of the Heart

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The bond of sisters is a very rare and special bond. Sometimes it is hard to like one’s sisters but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t love them. It’s ok to think to yourself how much you dislike a certain quality of your sister but if someone else dares comment you are ready to defend her. Sisters are not always the same. They each have their own characteristics, styles and personalities. One thing is for sure, they are the only ones that truly know your family past, because they lived it too. I once read a quote about sisters that I found very interesting. “Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” This quote could not be truer for the McGrath sisters. In the McGrath garden three beautiful and unique flowers bloomed; Lenny, Meg…show more content…
These comments make Lenny feel embarrassed and ashamed of her family. Lenny uses the excuse of taking care of Granddad to not be able to make a life for herself. When Granddad is taken to the hospital she joins a singles group called Lonely Hearts of the South and meets Charlie. She seems to get along great with him but after awhile she lets her insecurities about having a bad ovary take over and she breaks it off without even telling him. Several times throughout the play she is shown to resent Meg for always getting whatever she wanted. Meg is the middle sister. She is portrayed as a bit of a free spirit. Meg moved away to California with the excuse of pursuing her singing career. Meg doesn’t communicate much with her sisters. Lenny had to send a telegram to notify her about Babe. She is a bit of a rebel and doesn’t care much what people think or say about her. When cousin Chickie see’s her smoking she tells her that she shouldn’t smoke because it causes cancer of the lungs and Megs replies, “That’s what I like about it, taking a drag of death.” Meg was the one that found her mother after she committed suicide. This is what has caused her to desensitize herself from any kind of feelings. She is self-centered and disconnected from any kind of feelings. In one scene she tells her ex-boyfriend Doc Porter, “I don’t want to care.” The unfortunate luck of having found her mother was too much for her to absorb that she shut down from reality. Her move to
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