Criminal Activities And Its Effect On Society

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Criminal activities have always been a problem within society and has been becoming a bigger problem as time goes by. Over the years crimes have been getting more violent and more common. Gangs have always been involved in some type of criminal activity since being created, has gotten worse over time and has hurt society in one way or another. All gangs have a history of crime behind them. Hispanic Gangs turned dangerous gang fights to ruthless gang wars, White gangs have become racist groups that hold on to what society has moved on from, and African-American Gangs have went from committing unorganized crimes to huge organized groups like the Crips and the Bloods. All of these groups have had a violent past that led to them getting the point of aggression that they are at today and their effect on society. It cannot be argued that gangs have not started off to doing some type of criminal activity. The definition of a gang is a group of individuals, either organized or unorganized, that are involved in criminal activities. The reason gangs are so deadly and dangerous is because any individual that joins a gang has a need that they want met may it be money, safety, or power. Most gangs target individuals between the ages 14 to 24 the most as they are the most physically fit and easier to manipulate to do someone 's bidding. When a young individual joins a gang, it is more than likely that they are filled with anger or have no connection to anything else and feel the need to…
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