Criminal Activities On The Dark Web

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A severe dilemma associated with the increasing availability of the World Wide Web is the use of the “Dark Web” as a means for criminal activities throughout the world. The “Web” consists of the Surface Web which allows access to popular sites like YouTube and Facebook, the Deep Web, which consist of private databases and libraries filtered out by common search engines like Google, and the Dark Web which is intentionally hidden for reasons of anonymity; whether for good or bad reasons. There are three main solutions that help fray criminal activities on the Dark Web: the use of specialized government agencies to regulate and police the Dark Web, the fixation of resources to combat more serious criminal activities: and conducting more research of the content and workings of the Dark Web. Further examining the need for more research of the Dark Web will help elaborate why the use of specialized government agencies and the fixation of resources on more serious crimes should not be accepted has valid solutions. With the advancement of online anonymity tools, people world-wide can now use the Web to communicate and interact without leaving a trace of their activities or intentions. The ability to have full anonymity while using the Web has created what is call the Dark Web. The Dark Web was started originally with good intentions. For example, in the introduction section of the article “The Dark Web,” Marcia Clemmitt explains that the “Dark Web 's ability to mask identities…

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