Criminal Activity and Justice in the American Society Associated With the Social Problems of Race, Poverty, and Punishment

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E. B. Du Bois stated, "The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line" (Du Bois, 1999) Racism and racial discrimination, he said, were the main troubles dealing with contemporary society.
Similar can be stated about criminal activity and justice in American society today. Virtually every problem associated with criminal justice problems includes issues of race and ethnic background, consisting of arrests, sentencing, corrections, participation in criminal offense, and public reliance and self-confidence in the criminal justice system (Walker, Spohn and Delone, 2012). Some examples of this are included in the paper along with the recognition of the problem and an alternative solution.
Exactly what is the social problem?
In 2009 the imprisonment ratio for African American men in state and federal jails was 6.7 times more than the ratio for white men (4,749 versus 708, respectively, per 100,000). The imprisonment rate for Hispanic American men was 2.6 times higher than for white men (1,822 per 100,000). There were likewise variations in the imprisonment of white and African American females, however not as terrific when it comes to males (BJS, 2010).
A 2010 Arizona law directing regional authorities to examine the migration condition of anybody they presumed to be undocumented developed a nationwide debate and a…
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