Criminal Acts

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Criminal Acts Chinook Middle School security guard who was a former cop was charged with misdemeanor assault following allegations that on February 1, 2011, he choked a 14-year-old student until his face turned blue. Greg F. Seth was a former Seattle police officer who worked for the district for 15 years. After Seth had filed a complaint that the boy pushed past him the boy was immediately arrested (Pulkkinen, 2011). However, two months elapsed before the district filed a formal police report. Seth was subsequently placed on administrative leave and then fired from his job. According to King County Sherriff's Detective Timothy Gillette, Seth, 64, and an administrator at the SeaTac middle school were interviewing the boy about a theft when the incident occurred. When Seth put his hands on the boy's shoulder as he was leaving the administrator's office, the boy shrugged it off. Seth then grabbed the boy from behind and wrapped an arm around his neck and nearly lifted him off the ground. The school administrator later told the investigators that the boy's face turned purple, then blue as he was held on chokehold by Seth. The charging documents read that the boy drooled uncontrollably. The incident was also witnessed by another school executive. Seth falsely made the school resource officer to believe that the boy had assaulted him hence his demand that the boy be arrested. No photographs were however taken of the boy's neck immediately after the incident. The boy was
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