Criminal Behavior

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By Wendy Michaud CRJS410 ~ Unit 1 American InterContinental University IP March 30, 2014 Abstract Everything you do in your life says something about you and your character. I tell my kids this all the time. If you act like a respectable young adult, you will be treated like one. I guess you could say that same thing about criminals. If they act like a criminal, and by that I mean commiting crime, then they are criminals. I refer to my friend “Joe” a lot in this paper because he did not and still does not carry himself like a criminal. Even though he is prison now for commitng crimes, you would never know just by looking at him that he is a felon. Labeling someone is a…show more content…
The study also showed that for neighborhood factors that poverty, neighborhood adults involved in crime, and exposure to violence and racial prejudice are contributing factors. (Predictors of Youth Violence) After reading all the contributing factors this all makes perfect sense. My friend, who we will call Joe, was born and raised in one of the worst parts of town. Everywhere around him was violence, people fighting, and men beating up their girlfriends. I remember one time I went to his house to play video games and in the apartments he lived in (which were called the projects) there was a guy they called Big Ray. He was a pimp and he ran prostitutes out of his apartment, along with drug dealing. He was always nice to us and gave us candy but on this day we heard him using his “mean voice” so we stayed clear. This man was yelling a cussing and then we saw him beating up one of his “girlfriends”. I remember being so scared but Joe was not even a little bit. I remember Joe telling me this happens at least once a month in his apartments. I was shocked but I continued to go over there to hang out with him. And sadly Joe was right, it happened regularly. The efforts to control crime often have the effect
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