Criminal Cases Are Oftentimes Very Complex And Contain

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Criminal cases are oftentimes very complex and contain several different stages. The first stage of a criminal case begins with an arrest that is typically made by a law enforcement officer. An arrest is defined as the act of seizing or taking a criminal offender into custody by legal authority. In order for a law enforcement officer to successfully make an arrest, they must follow specific procedures. Some of these procedures include physically seeing an individual commit a crime, having probable cause that an individual committed a crime or obtaining an arrest warrant. However, in criminal cases, law enforcement officers can make an arrest with or without an arrest warrant. Failure to follow proper procedures may present issues during…show more content…
If the prosecution does have evidence to support their case they will then have to present their evidence to a judge. The judge will decide whether or not probable cause exists and if there is enough evidence to prove that the suspect committed the crime. If the judge does not believe there is enough evidence to prove that the suspect committed the crime, all charges will be dropped. On the other hand, if the judge believes the prosecution there is enough evidence, the suspect will be summoned to court for arraignment. At the arraignment, the suspect will be informed of their right to counsel as well as the charges against him or her. If the suspect can not afford an attorney, one will be provided for him or her at this time. Throughout this step of the pretrial the accused may plead guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere, which simply means that the defendant doesn’t understand the charges against them. If the defendant pleads guilty the court must make sure that plea was entered voluntarily and that the defendant understands the conditions. From there the court can appoint sentencing or select a date for sentencing. The courts have taken measure to ensure that suspects have not been coerced into pleading guilty, considering it has been known to be an issue. If the defendant pleads not guilty, the grand jury will determine whether or not the case should be brought to trial. Once it is determined that the case is going to trial the pretrial motions

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