Criminal Communication and Its Effect

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This is an excerpt from an investigation I wrote for Comuniclab, the web magazine of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. The work has been featured in several magazines.

Criminal communication
Naples criminal cartels communication strategies “We talk through our guns”. I was 8 when, passing by the headquarters of a mafia clan to reach my school, I heard this sentence. (…) It seems to be a clear and demonstrated truth: for instance, the war between local gangs Ascione – Papale and Birra – Iacomino killed 18 mobsters and wounded several people, between 2007 and 2008. The latter is one of the most recent mafia wars, and many examples are from that experience.
Wars and murders make many people think that weapons are the best means of communication for mafia groups, but that is incorrect. Actually, these organizations’ power is widely based on the ability to communicate to people, in various forms, their dominion over the territory, the capability to dispense life and death, success and failure, favors and punishments. “It is usually hard to find solid evidence about the power of communication”, Mario Morcellini, Professor and Director of the Department of Communication and Social Research at the University of Rome “Sapienza”, says. “On the contrary, when we see how criminal cartels use communication, this power appears to be crystal clear. They are enterprises, built on a communicative and symbolic dimension, and communication is the most valuable commodity they sell”.
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