Criminal Courts

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University of phoenix Criminal Courts Criminal courts are a process. Most assume that all the action takes place when the trial starts, but this is not true for all proceedings. Most offenders will enter a guilty plea to comply with a prosecutors “deal” offered to the offender. What is considered to be a courtroom work group? A courtroom work group is a group of participates in a criminal trial. The participants can be divided into two categories: professionals and outsiders. The professionals are the officials that work in the courtroom for a living, which includes judges, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, public defenders, and court reporters. The professionals are called the courtroom work group.…show more content…
Prosecutors have difficulty when it comes down to pursing a case. Prosecutors have cases that can take months and years before the case is even finalized. When a complaint is made, prosecutors start to seek evidence in order to pursue the case. The majority of many cities and counties, prosecutors review and evaluate the sufficient evidence to also pursue with the case. Sufficient evidence that prosecutors evaluate are police reports, interviewing, and asking witnesses questions who could be a possible lead to the case. What would happen if the criteria for taking a case were more/less stringent? In today’s society there are still unsolved cases that have not been solved because of the lack of evidence. Many people do not realize how important life is today and how important the judicial system is to society as well. Without a criminal and judicial system there would not be any peace to a crime that was committed in the communities today. Each day I watch different shows such as first 48, jail, prison wives, all of these shows have criminals who are convicted of some type of crime. The first 48 for example, they have murders everywhere and some murders are not solved due to lack of evidence, or due to them not catching the suspect who murdered the victim. If cases were less stringent, the society and community would never have peace for crimes committed each day. If there is a lack of evidence there is no ruling in the case, and basically prosecutors have
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