Criminal Deterrence Research Paper

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Crime Deterrence
Within the past few years, Provincial and federal incarceration rates have slowly but steadily been increasing, with actual number of adults being admitted to territorial, provincial or federal programs at 211,970 in 2006, and steadily climbing to 262,067 in 20101, with the rising crime rate comes different methods to attempt to combat crime, some focus on being more preventative, such as community outreach programs that focus on at risk youth or children who live in priority neighborhoods, while others are primarily used once a crime has occurred, such as police intervention leading to a civil suit or a criminal charge; this, is the concept of Crime Deterrence, sometimes Deterrence can be viewed as flawed for the fact
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2. In my personal opinion if Canada were to have a 3 strike system we’d be more likely to have a lower rate of repeat offenders, and deterrence would get much more of a point across to offenders, because they would realize that once they reach the 3rd strike the repercussions become much more harsh, be in through increased sentencing or more federal jail time as opposed to provincial time.
3. Based on my research on the effectiveness of deterrence of crime in Canada, I find that the Tories are somewhat misguided in their attempts to deter crime, and focus on the wrong sectors of crime, perhaps less military expenditures and more tough gun control, or harsher penalties for those caught with handguns and automatic weapons? I personally agree with the statement that “… conservatives are not tough on crime, but just stupid on crime. 3”
4. I also found some complications with deterrence in Canada, such as the fact that crimes committed in the heat of the moment, in passion, or under the influence cannot be deterred because the offender is generally in a state of mind that can make them do things that the average person wouldn’t do, also in certain priority neighborhood areas regardless of deterrence, some people are predispositioned towards crime
5. It is criticized that Canada might be somewhat lenient when it comes towards harsher penalties for criminals, be it adult or
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