Criminal Intelligence and Violent Crime Essay

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Crime Intelligence Analysis Violent Crimes Katelyn Shawver American Military University Introduction Criminal intelligence analysis is useful in many areas to law enforcement. It is especially useful in apprehending violent criminals and preventing violent crimes. Violent crimes in the United States have been on a moderate decline over the past decade. This decline has been attributed to the crime analysis intelligence used by law enforcement. Prevention of violent crime and apprehension of violent criminals requires cooperation and strategy from all departments and agencies in law enforcement. According to the Attorney General Eric Holder, “Effectively combating violent crime also demands that – with the help…show more content…
ViCAP Web There are various crime intelligence analysis techniques include ViCAP Web, criminal profiling and multi agency cooperation. ViCAP Web is an online crime analysis resource used by the FBI in the apprehension of violent criminals. “It (ViCAP) is a web-based data information center designed to collect and analyze information about homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons, and unidentified human remains. ViCAP Web users compare information in an attempt to identify similar cases and help move investigations forward. ViCAP’s mission is to facilitate cooperation and coordination between law enforcement agencies and to provide support to those agencies in their efforts to apprehend and prosecute violent serial offenders, especially those who cross jurisdictional boundaries” (FBI). ViCAP Web resource has been an important tool too law enforcement across the United States since its creation. According to the FBI, “Since its creation by the Department of Justice in 1985, more than 4,000 law enforcement agencies have submitted cases to ViCAP, and there are currently over 84,000 cases in the database. More than 4,000 investigators and analysts are registered users of the system, and together they forge a
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