Criminal Intent And Its Variations: The Case Of Steven

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Criminal Intent and Its Variations: The Case of Steven Avery A case that is widely known by all of America due to large media release and documentary presentation on Netflix, is the case of Steven Avery displayed as “Making a Murderer”. Steven Avery, a man from Wisconsin and son of the owner of Avery Junkyard was accused and convicted of the 2005 death of Teresa Halbach, 25, of Wisconsin. Avery was sentenced to life in prison due to evidence found by Wisconsin Law Enforcement and Manitowoc County Sheriff Department. This case involves speculation, subjectivity, and countless opinions involving whether Steven Avery actually committed the act or was wrongfully accused due to being disliked by the community. These concerns have been raised…show more content…
Actus reus, or the guilty act and physical activity was proved through DNA testing leading to an act of commission by Steven Avery (McPhate, 2016). Mens rea, or a guilty mind was presented as Wisconsin proved the crime was committed by Steven Avery through intent and malice. His form of criminal intent and committing the act itself was enough to convict him of murder rather than manslaughter. Therefore, the presence of actus reus and mens rea allowed law enforcement to accept that the crime had been committed and the accused, Steven Avery, was responsible. Wisconsin Law Enforcement proved Avery’s criminal intent to harm as he was aware of his actions and possibly leading consequences and therefore, purposely and knowingly murdered Wisconsin photographer, Halbach through passion and premeditation. When referencing the charges Steven Avery faced, such as first degree murder shows the level of criminal intent to harm the victim, Teresa Halbach. Murder is commonly referred as a deliberate unlawful act where one purposefully and knowingly kills another (McPhate, 2016). Additionally, Avery being charged for kidnapping proves his level of intent and premeditation as he supposedly took Halbach against her will to eventually result in his intent to harm her, sexually, and kill her (Westfall et al., 2016). Therefore, regarding this charge against Avery

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