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Chapter 9 Wrongful Deaths Homicide numbers decline from 2009 to 2010 Peaked in 2001 4.8 offenders per 100K 88% know each other (victim and offender) Officers Killed * 48 nationally * 45 by firearm * 47 male * 19 with firearm within 5 feet Officers assaulted * Underreported * 57 thousand * 10 per 100 officers
Modes of Death Accidental * Car crash * Fall * Industrial accident * Work related accidents Natural * Heart attack * Old age

Murder Murder Classifications * First degree * Second degree Manslaughter * Voluntary * -------> unintentional shooting * Involuntary *
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Immigration) SARA Model (Gainesville Video) * Scan - increase in armed robberies in convenient stores near Gainesville, Fla. * Analyze - robbery was convenient. Stores were easy targets. Opportunists * Respond- City ordinance enacted, required to fix problems, light parking lot, train clerks, limit cash, make store visible, 2 clerks on scene, video camera in full view, timed and secured safe. Tried to make robbing a convenient store as difficult as possible * Assess - New ordinance cut robberies of convenient stores by 80% in Gainesville. More bank robberies than convenient store robberies. Stable situation Child Abuse and Neglect * Physical or emotional trauma to a child which there is no reasonable explanation
Munchausen Syndrome * Parents purposely inflicts abuse on child
Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) * Absence of external injuries * Retinal hemorrhaging * -------> conclusive evidence off SBS * Subdural hematomas * 18 months or younger * Seizures, fever, stop breathing. * Baby ones from being fine to having life threatening injuries
Battered Child Syndrome * Collection of injuries sustained by a child as a result of repeated mistreatment
Reporting to requirements * Teachers, medical, police
All lifestyles included Acute Maltreatment * Directly related to death

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