Criminal Investigations Exam

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CDROM CRM225 Midterm Exam 50 Questions 1 hour and 30 min. to complete

1. A crime laboratory can help in answering which of the following questions? D

a. whether a crime has been committed b. who committed the crime c. who could not have committed the crime d. all of the choices are correct

2. A handgun used in a murder is recovered by a diver. Which of the following should be used to develop any latent prints? C

a. SPR b. Amido Black c. SuperGlue d. Basic Yellow 40

3. After interviewing the victim of a crime and two witnesses, and examining the crime scene and the physical evidence, you use all of this information as a basis for developing a unifying and
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c. created by Patrick Colquhoun. d. headed by attorney Howard Vincent.

25. The first step in the follow-up investigation process is to: C

a. visit the scene. b. view the physical evidence seized. c. read and become conversant with the offense report. d. retrieve evidence subject to decay or deterioration and take it to the laboratory immediately.

26. The individual most proficient in the careful and systematic excavation of a burial site is a(n): A

a. archaeologist. b. botanist. c. entomologist. d. pathologist.

27. The logical approach to interrogation is based on: A

a. police training. b. investigator's preference. c. scientific research. d. common sense and sound reasoning.

28. The major advantage of using a digital camera to take photographs of a latent print is: B

a. the cost per unit is reduced. b. it can be enhanced for AFIS processing. c. jurors more easily understand evidence in the digital format. d. there are fewer difficulties with respect to the chain of custody.

29. The medical specialist frequently called in to examine a living rape victim is a: B

a. forensic pathologist. b. gynecologist. c. pediatrician. d. endocrinologist.

30. The most common type of instrument used to inflict contact burns in child abuse cases is: C


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