Criminal Justice Career Research Paper

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There will always be a fight for justice, and where there is crime there are those who must solve them. I wish to pursue a career in the criminal justice industry, mainly working as a forensic science criminalist. Those who use scientific logic and evidence found at the scene of the crime to solve the case, The heroes who don’t wear the labcoats instead of the black and blues. Heroes like these need certain skills, interests, and values that make them an official criminalist. When working under any form of law, you have skills of a leader. Criminalist don’t always work under a team or rather a partner, which is exactly why they need to be a leader classified as an autocratic leader. Someone who can make decisions on their own, and if in…show more content…
A hope for a better tomorrow perse, to continue the never ending fight like the endgame is tomorrow. This is what inspires others to have hope above all else, even if that means having a different idea of reality to have hope that things will be better than are. In the words of Nora Allen, “[L]ife is locomotion if you’re not moving you’re not living but there comes a time when you’ve got got to start running towards something, you’ve got to forge ahead keep moving even if your path isn’t lit trust that you will find your way” (2011). That’s what the interest of a criminalist is, to not to always take the litten route but take the difficult one to learn from…show more content…
In reference from the Criminalists policies on the west side of America, the C.A.C. states “The end of the journey is the courtroom where testimony of the crime scene work, laboratory analysis, the conclusions on the report and interpretation of the evidence will be presented and questioned. The criminalist tells the truth in an unbiased manner, educating the jurors about the techniques that were used, the results obtained and interpretations derived from those conclusions” (n.d.). That is what interest me the most, being given an opportunity to change someone’s life for better or worse and doing what’s right; There’s nothing more I could possibly want in a career. There are so much wrongs in the world, why can’t I do my best to make that ratio equal? I don’t want to bring criminals to justice, I have to as a duty to prove I am good enough, not in anybody else’s mind but my
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