Criminal Justice Careers

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Criminal Justice Careers
Marielu Villa
Westwood College
This paper reflects about criminal justice careers that will help me get knowledge and get a better idea about the career that I choose. Components of criminal justice: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. A brief description about the career, the requirements, and the hiring criteria the career has. Tell why the position interest me, how does it relate to the career path that I want, and finally what I’m looking for in gaining from the career. Keywords: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), Parole Agent, and a Court Clerk. Law enforcement: CSI One component of the Criminal Justice career is law enforcement. There are many different kinds of jobs in law
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The reason why is because that helps me go back and analyze what happened. I also like investigating: I like to think beyond the things that actually happened. This will really help me in becoming a crime scene investigator because you have to record everything you see and you have to collect evidence. You have to think beyond what you see because you have to try to find the person that did it. The entry level salary range of $30,000- $40,000 depending on the agency. To be honest I don’t really look at it for the money, this is something that I want to do, it what I like. (Goodman, & Grimming, 2007) Corrections: Parole Agent

Another component of the Criminal Justice system is corrections. One of the jobs that the correction has is a parole agent. The goal for a parole agent is to protect the public. The responsibility for a parole agent is to assist ex- offenders so that they can adjust to life in a save and free community. They are also responsible to prevent future criminal acts. They help the people become a better person so that they can have a productive and normal live. Parole agents supervise the offenders who had been released from prison. (Careers in criminal, 2006)

What the parole agent has to do is that they need to investigate the offender. For example the parole agent investigates the offender’s background so that they can gather information and write reports for the parole board hearings. Parole agents
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