Criminal Justice Case Study St. Louis

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St. Louis is a city that is becoming known for its poverty and rising crime rate. With 90 municipalities and counting, these counties are being led by a corrupted government and a shady police force that is more concerned with the cash in their wallets. For determined people like Nicole Bolden and Antonio Morgan, it’s no surprise that they wish for an escape from such a destructive cycle. Even though it would be ideal, city and town members should not live in the towns they work for. Due to built up tension, specifically between the police force and the citizens, it would be dangerous to have them live there. In case there are riots over what the police have done, or over a decision a judge makes that goes against how the majority is feeling, to protect these workers they should instead live away from their area of work.
Be that as it may, political representation is important and it should represent the demographics of its town, but we often see the opposite. The exception to this case is the city of Berkeley. While
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Louis has been difficult for these citizens. With so called “poverty violations” the courts has made sure that their stipulations are hard to pass through. Failure to pay for these violations, keeps people from improving their financial situation. Violations like driving with expired plates, or an expired registration, on top of failing to pay for these fines, allows the court’s revenue to skyrocket. Fear of being put in jail for not being able to pay for these warrants, allows for a continuous cycle that the courts proudly rely on. To keep blacks in the predicament that they are in, legal segregation had been formed through a method of zoning and retreating. Rich whites would hurry and flee, all while developers would place restrictions like claiming the area as single family housing to keep blacks out. With this process, subdivisions would form over and over again and suddenly you have more towns than
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