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This essay will talk about the lack of family structure can be one of the biggest causes of delinquency. It touches on four objectives on how lack of family structure can be a cause to a child’s delinquency.

One of the biggest causes of delinquency is the lack of stable family structure. For instance, a child could be hurt, if not receiving passionate love and care from their parents. Those not receiving love from their parents or their guardian as a child will probably act out for attention or start creating bad behavioral habits. I know every family is not a perfect and not every child is fortunate to have their parents in their lives. In this paper there are four objectives that I will talk about the lack of stable
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This can also cause a broken home and can affect a child. Siegel and Welsh (2012) defines broken homes as home in which one or both parents are absent due to divorce or separation in such an environment may be prone to antisocial behavior. According to Siegel and Welsh (2012) children growing up in broken homes were much more likely to fall prey to delinquency than those who lived in two parent households. Another issue that a family can have is when parents have a disagreement. When the children see their parents misbehavior it can have affect on the child’s behavior too. The child might not get alone with other people or have bad relationships with others. They also might keep to themselves socially. Siegel and Welsh (2012) states divorce may influence children’s misbehavior through its effect on parental misbehavior. The last objective I will touch on is the lack of poor parenting skills. Parenting skills today are way different then it was back in the past. Parents today are not teaching their children the right and wrong of their child’s action. They are not showing them the consequences of their child’s action. Most of the time children tend to imitate or pick up bad habits their parents do. That’s where the parent needs to step in and tell them to stop what their habits and teach them to break the cycle. In today society morals and values are not taught to the child as they need to be.

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