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Individual Victims’ Rights By: Stacy Williams CJA/324 What is your personal stance on the current state of victims’’ rights in America? Attorney’s fight everyday to ensure the rights of their clients the “Victim”. Today even with new laws being put into the law books that help victims when violated, the courts are still not looking out for those individuals who have in fact be victimized. “Advocates for victims’ rights have long complained that they have been sidelined by a criminal justice system that is focused on the interplay between the state and the defendant”. (Boland & Butler, 2009)This statement alone dictates how the system actually works when it comes to the victim in court. Most individuals lose sight that there…show more content…
There is no question that these priests should have to face the consequences of their actions, but there is such a thing as rehabilitation. For the most part many people do not believe that sexual predators cannot be rehabilitated and will do whatever necessary to continue to make sure they live their lives under a microscope giving them little or no chance to a normal life. With SNAP the extreme measures they take to out these priest it would seem too radical, however, victims of these sex crimes would argue that they are necessary. Support groups such as SNAP whose primary focus is to ensure justice is being served can be comforting, but on the other side of the coin everybody deserves a chance to change their lives around. The nature of these crimes makes communities as a whole feel uncomfortable and the need to protect them from predators is important. SNAP and their efforts are there to ensure that the victims of these crimes are being made to feel that their interest do matter, since it is obvious with governments actions as a whole has let these individuals live among young children again causing fear among community members. (Sargent, 2007) References: Boland, M., & Butler, R. (2009). Crime victims' rights: From illusion to reality. Criminal Justice 24(1), Sargent, Mark A.1Commonweal; 4/20/2007, Vol. 134 Issue 8, p12-15,

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