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Research Methods Te Meko D. Smith American Inter Continental University Abstract The assignment is based on a scenario that I have been hired as a consultant by the local police commissioner to lend my expertise on criminal justice research. On the other hand this is for educational resources for the police captains who will be developing a new citywide crime prevention strategy. In addition to the resources that will be discussed are the key differences between deductive, inductive, grounded, and axiomatic research theories. However, there are differences and similarities between the theories and hypothesis that will also be discussed. Defining the theory is more valid then the other and what are variables will also be included in…show more content…
(Gordon, 1995) The process of deductive theories you can provide absolute proof if your conclusion. An example of deductive theories is when an investigation team considers the boyfriend or spouse of the murder of the girlfriend or wife. With inductive theories you begin with the data and then build on the conclusion. (Gordon, 1995) The process of inductive theories determines what general conclusions can be derived from the data used from research but never approaches the truth. () Grounded theories are the view that investigators enter research setting without preconceived theories and hypotheses about what they will find. However, investigators will give an explanation about what they collected from the scene. () Axiomatic theory uses axioms or truisms as building blocks from which are testable hypotheses that can be derived and tested. (Champion, 2006) Variables refer to any phenomena that can assume more than one value. Variables have two types, independent variables, dependent and variable subclass. According to Champion (2006) dependent variable refers to any factor whose value is determined by the other variable basically the independent variable. (Champion, 2006) Independent variable is the causes of change or affects the dependent variable and the dependent variable is that which is affected by the independent variables. (Champion, 2006) Discrete variable is any factors that have an infinite

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