Criminal Justice Integration Project

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Criminal Justice Integration Project
University of Phoenix
Javon Lewis, Prysanthum Armstrong, Brigit Williams, and Deon Hagerty
Harry Kirk, Instructor
November 12, 2012

Criminal Justice Integration Project There are many prison facilities that are ran privately today. These facilities are known to better rehabilitate those convicted upon entering society again. Team B has developed a private prison to house those individuals who are convicted of committing crimes. Team B has also implemented different programs within the facility in hopes to deter the convicted of being repeat offenders. Unlike other privatized facilities, our major focus is not to lock up as many people as possible. We will actually focus on making them
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Anyone who comes to the facility without prior authorization will not be acknowledged. Visitors will be allowed to visit the prisoner for a limited time. Conversations between visitors and prisoners will be monitored at all times and maybe used later if needed in a case.
In our facility, help groups will be established with the prisoners. Our duty is to try to rehabilitate the prisoners in the system if they want to be rehabilitated. We will have a group of prisoners in a guarded room in the facility, with counselors who can speak to them in a group. The prisoners at some point may be able to help one another understand what their issues have been in the past that helped to lead them to the situation that caused them to be sentenced to this facility. Our goal as a helping group for the inmate is to get them to understand if they are ever eligible for parole what they can do in life to avoid the situation that put them in prison in the first place or ways to think quickly to a less dangerous situation where they will be able to make a better choice in life. Our facility offers one-on-one counseling. This counseling will take place between a prisoner and a criminal social service counselor in a guarded room. The counselor will be able to have multiple sessions with prisoners to find the root of their problem and hopefully be able to work on ways to resolve some of their underline issues. They will be able to
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