Criminal Justice Internship At The Yale Child Abuse Programs

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“If you have a passion for it, you’ll find it out in the field” (Josh Valentino). I completed my criminal justice internship at the Yale Child Abuse Programs Department of Pediatrics, in New Haven Connecticut. My internship with the Child Abuse Programs was such an eye opening experience. I not only got to learn about my field of study, but this internship has also aloud me to discover a lot about myself as a person as well. When I walked into the Yale building on my first day as an intern, I did not know what to expect, and I certainly had no idea that my time there would leave such a huge impact on me. I remember thinking that this was my chance to confirm that my ultimate goal of working as a forensic psychologist was the right career choice me.
On the first day of my internship, I was introduced to the staff that I would be working with, and I also received a tour of the clinic. I was informed that there were four forensic interviewers on staff, as well as four practitioners, a program coordinator, a child life specialist and a host of family and child services advocates. Since we work mostly with children, the clinic itself is very child friendly. We have a playroom that houses everything from iPads, to dollhouses. If a child is coming to our clinic, it is usually is because they are a victim of some kind of abuse. As you can imagine, this is a very traumatic time for them and we try to make it as comfortable as possible given the circumstances. The clinic also has an…
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