Criminal Justice : It Has A Weak Social Control System For Our Safety

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I believe that Criminal justice institution; it has a weak social control system for our safety, because they are some officers that abuse of their power against the civilians. This affect or impact our society in a large distance in a way that social control system don’t have a strong system to protect use as a United States citizen from some officers that don’t do their job in the right way.
After knowing that criminal justice is the last line of defense some of them abuse their power. Criminal justice is the last resort after community is affected by crimes and this institution of social control they are the ones to disciplined other for breaking the law.
Criminal justice is an institution that protects civilians from crimes, which are composed of three main agencies that give protection. They make a criminal justice system, for example these three agencies are police, court, and correction. Law enforcement is one of the main agencies that enforce the law, and when a crime is reported the police service are the one who solve or manage the situation to determine what happened in a particular crime and can detain a person who has committed an offense. Court is a tribunal institution where people come to tribunal to resolve their disagreements after a suspect has been arrested. In the court there’s a judge the one who decide whether to charge the suspect with a crime or released with no charges. Corrections is another important agency from the criminal justice system where
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