Essay about Criminal Justice Myths and Facts

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Compare and contrast crime "myths" and "facts." The media plays a huge role in forming people's perceptions of crime. Without the media we would remain ignorant to occurrences outside our direct social groups. The media and especially news coverage therefore provides us with an important point of contact with the rest of society. In evaluating its effect on popular perceptions of crime it becomes important to consider where most of the information comes from and how representative it is on actual criminality. If it takes "facts" (the truth, the actual event, a real thing) or if it is heightened to a crime myth. With a myth being based upon "exaggeration" or heightening of "ordinary" events in life. Crime myths become a convenient…show more content…
electronic based communication) virtually replacing traditional vehicles of communicating myths (eg solely word of mouth, and later written word), modern mass communication has allowed myths to spread in unprecedented numbers and at frightening speeds. "Fear is produced more readily in the modern community than it was earlier in our history because of increased publicity..." (143.. from dossier pg 4). What were once stories restricted to dissemination to small interactive social groups are now instantly projected to millions of people worldwide through mass media. This increasing ability to project myth has been coupled with an ever-decreasing circle that control the means and mediums of myth production. With the restricted number of myth makers today, it has given mass media and government almost a monopoly of the myth industry. Today the media and government select our crime problems for us and focus our attention on social issues. The role of the individual and small social groups no longer predominates in the dissemination of modern crime mythology. The media chooses and presents unique crime problems for public consumption. The selection of crime problems are often limited to the most bizarre or gruesome act a journalist or investigator can uncover. Incident and problem selection are driven by fascinating issues for public exhibition, the media ensures the marketability and success (viewers and advertising dollars) of a given media
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