Criminal Justice Narrative

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My second week at the court house was long but eye opening. I learned so much about the criminal justice system. I leaned that each procedure and each role a person play is crucial to someone life. On Tuesday, the day was short but still alarming. I came in and shadow one of the clerks as she was preparing for court. As the clerk was setting up for court I remember trying to recognize which department is what on each traffic ticket. I felt confuse, but the clerk show who was trooper, SUNY New Paltz police, and state police/ She remind that I will eventually learn who is who and how to set up for court. I felt better about what she said and I was ready for court. I notice that court will be short today because we did not have many cases. I began…show more content…
I remember feeling so tired because of how long court procedures. I witness ulster county prisoners coming. I remember feeling scared and sad at the same time. I am witness somebody throwing their life away for their stupid and heinous mistakes. After being in the courthouse for four hours, I realized I really want to pursue this as a career. Some of the cases I heard was disturbing and astonishing. A woman was arrested for harassment and later was charge with a lesser charge. One of the prisoners from Ulster County was sentenced to lesser for bail from 20,000 to 10,000. He was charge for grand larceny and assault. I do not remember how long he will be in prisoned, but I remember feeling sad and angry about the whole case. The people in the courtroom were very restless and impatient. First, the judge was about 20- 30 minutes late to court and the two to three hours into court he decide to have a pizza break in his conference. Most of the people courtroom were arguing with the court officers and court clerk about the wait. Some were even trying to see if they could first to see the judge. If a person miss or leave the courtroom without seeing the judge, the court will order a warrant for their arrest. Every week I go to court I get more excited to what’s to
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