Criminal Justice Personal Statement Examples

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When I entered Loyola University Chicago in the fall on 2017, I still felt understandably unsure as to what both my academic and my professional future might hold for me. After two semesters of exploring my interests and growing more confident in my abilities, I feel very secure in what the future may hold. I am a rising sophomore with dual major in political science and criminal justice and criminology, currently with an interest in pre-law. I hope to study the intersection of policy and the criminal justice system with a lens of social justice and a focus on the ways that institutional discrimination has shaped the our nation and our world. Through my studies in these areas, I hope to gain a firm and confident grasp on the way that both domestic and foreign politics unfold, how the American criminal justice system contributes or deflects from social justice, and how the intersection of those two fields can be applied in tandem to achieve a more just social order. Additionally, while I am still in the very early stages of constructing a proposal, I hope to pursue undergraduate research that investigates the …show more content…

I am incredibly anxious to finally be able to apply my in class experiences to real world problems in order to build true problem solving skills that I will continue to utilise throughout the entirety of my post-grad career. Additionally, I hope to be able to give back to the community as a whole by applying myself and working actively with local organizations to provide aid or work toward justice for individuals or groups that may not be able to themselves. I believe that the combination of all these experiences will be absolutely monumental in shaping my four years at Loyola as well my future as a

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