Criminal Justice Policy And Planning

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Criminal Justice Policy & Planning

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Thesis 4
Analyzing the Problem 5
Plea Bargaining 5
Budget Issues 6
Racial Disparity 6
Chart on Racial Disparity 7
Goals and Objectives 8
Stakeholders for Mandatory Minimum Sentences 8
Stakeholders against Mandatory Minimum Sentences 8
Impact Model 9
Designing the Program 10
Program Implementation and Monitoring 11
Developmental Implementation Programs Offered 11
Implementation Plan Phase I 2011-2012 12
Implementation Plan Phase II 2012-2013 13
Implementation Plan Phase III 2013-2014 14
Conclusion 16
Bibliography 17

Executive Summary

Mandatory Minimum Sentences
Criminals and how they are punished is a
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(Mauro, 2007)
There are many opinions about when mandatory sentencing was first established, though we know that this trend expanded throughout the United States by 1994 (Harris, 2008). "What is mandatory sentencing?"- to impose a specific amount of imprisonment based on the crime committed and defendant 's criminal history. A mandatory minimum sentence requires a judge to impose a statutorily fixed sentence on individual offenders convicted of certain crimes.
I will try to shed light to some of the outstanding issues with imposing mandatory minimum sentencing across the board to violators, knowing that all cirmatinances are different.
1. "Restrictive sentencing guidelines and statutory mandatory minimum sentences have taken away the discretion of judges to tailor sentences to fit the individual circumstances of particular crimes and offenders." (Mauro, 2007)
2. "The result is the sentencing of many non-violent drug offenders to unjustly harsh prison terms where they crowd prisons already filled above capacity." (Union, 2001)
3. The fact mandatory minimums, increase racial inequalities too often because judicial discretion and lack of proper representation. (Eckholm, 2008)
4. "Harsher sentencing guidelines, and the billions of dollars poured into enforcement efforts, the incarceration of offenders, and the building of new prisons each year, have failed to curb drug use, which is
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