Criminal Justice Policy

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harsh gun laws do not act as deterrents there are countless supporters of these policies. Thus our current system of mass incarceration and determinate sentencing developed (Simon, 2007).
Increasing the role of evaluation and research in criminal justice policy would require a multifaceted approach and the cooperation of policymakers and criminal justice agencies. First jurisdictions would be required to assess their current crime problems to determine their need for certain policies. Then agencies need to be required to allocate a certain amount of their budget to evaluation of their current policies. A major hindrance in evaluating policy is the lack of resources to do so. If agencies were federally mandated to spend a certain amount of funding on evaluation and research then it is possible that policymakers could create more informed and effective policy. In addition a certain amount of funding would also have to be allocated to full implementation of polices. When policies rooted in theory are created they are expected to be successful, but they often falter due to their incorrect or lack of implementation (Mears, 2007). Although increasing the amount of funds spent on research and evaluation may seem problematic it has the potential to help avoid the
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Monitoring policy as it is adopted allows for inefficiencies and improvements to be indentified initially. The monitoring of policy would also need to be continuous rather than a “one-time event” (Mears, 2007, p. 678). While the monitoring of every policy is not an attainable goal, policies that have the potential to create the largest benefits need to be evaluated (Mears, 2007). This would help ensure that policies that have the greatest effect are positively impacting the criminal justice system rather than furthering our current system of mass
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