Criminal Justice Process Ensures Individual's Rights

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Introduction A criminal justice process is normally followed to ensure an individual’s rights are not abused. According to Moak and Carlson (3), the criminal justice process aims to ensure that relevant fact-finding is conducted in an effort to establish the truth. The criminal justice procedure needs to be done in accordance or by not being in contrary to an individual’s right as stipulated in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteen amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Moak and Carlson (4) note that a criminal justice process needs to involve intensive cross-examination of both prosecution witness (the arresting officer and any other potential witness) and defense or the accused (Amanda Watson). Siegel (21) indicates that the criminal justice system is divided into three main components. The first component is the police and law enforcement. This may involve state, federal and municipal agencies that have the responsibility of ensuring peace, providing emergency assistance, investigating crimes and apprehending suspects. The second component is the court system, which is involved in the prosecution of criminal suspects, carrying out trials and giving out sentences to those found guilty of their offences. The third component is the correctional system or the rehabilitation stage, which mainly deals treatment and rehabilitation of convicted felons. Different stages in the three main components of the criminal justice process include arrest, trial sentencing,

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